Full Cast

Fleet Admiral Rutherford J. Hayworth IV
The only air breathing squid known to exist, Hayworth is the recently promoted Fleet Admiral of the Crosarth Royal Air Navy. Most of the other flag officers don’t trust him (due more to his working class upbringing moreso than his being a squid), but his war hero status and repeated tactical brilliance earned him the favor of the Queen.
Commander Allison Friday
A former student of Hayworth’s when he taught at the Royal Air Naval Academy, Friday is a resilient officer. She commands the HMS Hummingbird, which often serves as Fleet Admiral Hayworth’s unconventional choice of a flagship. Due to her close relationship with the Fleet Admiral, she has a bad habit of speaking too informally with those above her in rank… which can get her in to trouble.

Friday previously headed an elite RAVEN Team, and prior to being posted to the Hummingbird was the Executive Officer on the airship HMS Valiant.

Ignatious Kellin
Self proclaimed “King of the Air Pirates,” and legend in his own mind, Kellin is a former smuggler who adopted Hayworth and raised the squid as his own son. Twenty-three years ago Kellin disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and when he’s discovered he’s frankly as confused as everyone else is.
Kurt Waxley
Mr. Waxley is not a hero. Mr. Waxley is not a soldier. He’s also not a sailor, an airman, an air pirate, a police officer nor a mastermind seeking world domination. He’s a guy who’s a tad overworked and drowning in forms. He’s the sort of guy whose desk is likely overflowing with things that needed to be completed yesterday.

Poor Mr. Waxley.

Lt. Commander Ilyena Masters
XO of the HMS Hummingbird, she also doubles as the Tactical and Armory Officer.

She’s a bit laconic.

Lt. Vincent “Vinny” Delgado
Every ship has “That Guy.” That Guy who knows a guy who can get ahold of whatever you need at the moment, but you might not want to know where it came from… yeah, that’s Vinny.

Currently Chief Engineer of the HMS Hummingbird, the only thing he’s more skilled with than talking is machinery. He’s the youngest Officer on the Hummingbird, but he definitely deserves to be there.

Professor Uriah Dauntless
Head of Crosarth’s Ministry of Science, he’s been a close advisor to the Queen for over twenty years. One of his many achievements was discovering the unique properties of Gravitronium and changing airships forever. A brilliant man, he may or may not be secretly responsible for the death of the former King.

Dauntless wears goggles as a strange affectation, the reasons for which are unknown to even those closest to him. When he taught at Ruxley University his students used to joke that it was because instead of eyes he had two soulless voids.

This may or may not be true.


More to come…